How our affiliate program works

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Our affiliate program is simple: you earn money for every new customer you refer. The best bit? There’s no limit to how much you can make. The bigger you grow your network, the more profit you secure.

The Betting Success affiliate program was designed to maximise your earning potential. And that’s why we reward you for both direct and indirect referrals.

  • You earn 20 percent for direct sales
  • You earn 10 percent for indirect sales

Those that you refer can then start growing their own network and earning their own profits. Everyone benefits.

Get rewarded for your recommendations

Think about it this way: you’ve just eaten the best meal of your life at a new restaurant, so you share your experience with friends and family, urging them to make a reservation. They do, and thanks to you, the restaurant secures more business.

They earn more, but you get nothing in return.

That’s not how Betting Success works. With our program, you are rewarded with cash for your recommendation.

As you progress through our program, you can earn from $US38 to upwards of $US1,900,000 per month.

We support your success

If you win, we win. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the empowered lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. To help you earn as much as possible, we distribute non-affiliated newcomers to users across our network. That means a greater return without any extra effort.

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